iPlayer for Kindle

“Over the last few years the BBC‘s video on demand service iPlayer (a kind of British Hulu) has moved beyond desktop PCs, to games consoles, mobile phones, tablets, set top boxes and internet connected TVs. But there’s still a segment of the population who aren’t being catered for; those whose …

New E-Book DRM

“German researchers are working on a new DRM system that would change individual words of a story to track pirated book copies back to their original owners.”

Slice a Recipe HD

  “The cookbook to improve your cutting skills. One of the first things you learn at a cooking school is how to use a knife. That’s why we gave our students this special introductory cookbook. Students had to actually cut the book apart in order to see the recipes. They …

First 3D Printed Dress

“Burlesque performer Dita Von Teese modeled the very first fully articulated 3D-printed dress at an unveiling party earlier this week at Ace Hotel New York. The spectacular garment is made of 17 individually printed pieces with 3,000 articulated joints.”

3D Printing

Its proponents say it’s the next disruptive technology with the potential to significantly change the landscape of a number of industries. Peter Marsh, manufacturing editor, talks to one such supporter – Abe Reichental, chief executive of US-based 3D Systems – to find out how 3D printing works and how big …