Amazon Giftcards on Facebook

“, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) today announced Amazon Birthday Gift, a new way for customers to surprise friends on their birthdays by joining together to send Gift Cards with birthday messages on Facebook. Once a single friend starts a gift, any of the recipient’s Facebook friends can contribute – and many …

Netflix Model for E-Books

  “Federal prosecutors say Apple conspired with book publishers to jack up e-book prices. But the court case, which began this week, may soon be a moot point, experts say, as other companies aim to make traditional prices irrelevant by offering e-book rental services akin to Spotify and Netflix.”

Nook Snaps

  “Barnes & Noble will start commissioning original works for Nook Snaps, its e-singles section. For the first 60 days, authors keep 100 percent of the royalties; after that, the royalty rate drops to 40 percent.”

Apple DoJ Update: Day 4

    “Apple attorney Orin Snyder aggressively dismantled Google Director of Content Partnerships, Tom Turvey, a witness for the government, who in a sworn statement had indicated that the five accused publishers “advised” him in January of 2010 that they were switching to the agency model, and had “strongly implied” that …

Apple Trial Update

  “Following Penguin’s David Shanks to the witness stand in the Apple e-book price fixing trial, S&S CEO Carolyn Reidy was feisty and contentious, often challenging the intent of the government’s questions or offering unsolicited interpretations of its language and phrasing. Late in the day, Amazon v-p of Kindle content …

First Amendment Violation

  “Bookstores, newsstands and two bookseller organizations filed suit Monday to block enforcement of a law that violates the First Amendment rights of retailers to display magazines that focus on marijuana and their customers’ right to browse those publications. The law, which was passed as a provision of the new …

DC Comics Choose Your Own Path

“Less than two years after DC Comics began selling digital versions of its own comics on the same day as print, the superhero publisher announced two new digital comics formats: DC2, which will feature “dynamic artwork” that unfolds as the reader taps on the screen, and DC2 Multiverse, a choose-your-own-path …

Diversion Books and Literary Agency Gersh

“Two trends converge: Diversion Books, a New York-based start-up digital publishing house continues to build its business by outsourcing its digital publishing know-how to non-publishing entities that want to publish ebooks; and Gersh, a New York-based literary agency adds another service that it can offer to its authors to help …

Kindle Worlds

“Amazon is launching an innovative licensing and publishing program targeting the flourishing world of online fan fiction—unauthorized amateur works created by fans and based on popular copyrighted franchises.”

Pew Report on Teen Sharing Online

The latest Pew study found that teens “focusing on controlling access to meaning. A comment might look like it means one thing, when in fact it means something quite different. By cloaking their accessible content, teens reclaim power over those who they know who are surveilling them.”


Pottermore, a “strategy as a gateway to sell ebooks has been a bit of a case study on how to start an e-commerce site and maintain control over the entire experience,” won the UK Bookseller Industry award.

In the Digital Era, Our Dictionaries Read Us

  “With the spread of digital technologies, dictionaries have become a two-way mirror, a record not just of words’ meanings but of what we want to know. Digital dictionaries read us. […] ‘The first thing we noticed were these enormous spikes of interest around a big news event,’ beginning with …

Publishers and Authors Wary of Amazon’s Bid for Domain Names

  “Amazon’s effort to control dozens of new generic top-level Internet domain names is drawing fire from a pair of publishing industry groups. The Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers oppose the Internet retail giant’s plan to control so-called generic top-level domains (gTLD) that end in suffixes .book, …

Publishers Oppose Amazon ‘.book’ Domain

  “In a filing this week with ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) the Association of American Publishers came out against a bid by Amazon to buy the .book domain name for its exclusive use, saying such an application would be counter to public interest.”