Inkling Habitat

“Habitat helps turn your concept into a final product. Plan your Inkling title, then convert your assets into HTML5 and CSS for use in Habitat. Once your content is inside Habitat, enhance, proofread and publish your title to multiple platforms with a click!”

Kno Advance

  “Advance enables the transformation of a print title into an eBook instantly and is literally done at no cost to the publisher or author. Join 80+ publishers who have contributed to Kno’s digital library of over 200,000 titles, the largest collection of digital titles on the market.”

Beyond the Story

  “BeyondtheStory® is the world’s first automated publishing platform that uses proprietary AI and advanced authoring tools to transform flat text into a fully interactive multimedia experience.”


“Expanding upon student learning behavior collected from McGraw-Hill’s existing suite of educational software, the SmartBook promises to adapt textbook material to suit the paces and grasp of individual learners.”

1 Dollar Scan

“Our mission is to help people, small businesses, students / researchers / scholars, and the general public digitize, preserve, archive, and access existing content digitally. We honor the copyright of Publishers and Authors and hope to establish a close relationship to expand the eBook market furthermore. We make everything digital.”

New E-Book DRM

“German researchers are working on a new DRM system that would change individual words of a story to track pirated book copies back to their original owners.”

Netflix Model for E-Books

  “Federal prosecutors say Apple conspired with book publishers to jack up e-book prices. But the court case, which began this week, may soon be a moot point, experts say, as other companies aim to make traditional prices irrelevant by offering e-book rental services akin to Spotify and Netflix.”

Nook Snaps

  “Barnes & Noble will start commissioning original works for Nook Snaps, its e-singles section. For the first 60 days, authors keep 100 percent of the royalties; after that, the royalty rate drops to 40 percent.”

DC Comics Choose Your Own Path

“Less than two years after DC Comics began selling digital versions of its own comics on the same day as print, the superhero publisher announced two new digital comics formats: DC2, which will feature “dynamic artwork” that unfolds as the reader taps on the screen, and DC2 Multiverse, a choose-your-own-path …

EPUB3 Now! Liz Castro

  “The promise of a single file that works on all systems is before us, and EPUB3, our common goal, is what will enable us to get there. I have not only published my slides, but I re-recorded my talk so you can get all of the details. Be sure …

EPUB3: One File, Many Ebooks

  “Hachette’s practice of delivering the same EPUB3 file to all its e-tailers, including Amazon, sets a precedent for the industry, said Castro. If more publishers developed a single viable ebook file, would e-reader systems converge upon a single standard for rendering that file? And in turn, make ebooks a …

EPUB3 Still Not Ready for the Prime Time

“Almost every publisher we talked to expressed reservations about getting involved in the next generation of the EPUB3 ebook format. If you are unfamiliar with this format, it borrows heavy elements from HTML5, and allows for audio, video, and the ability to change the language on the fly. It is …

Samsung’s Big Move Into Ebooks

“Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and all the others have a new competitor to worry about: Samsung. The company is set to make a strong push into the ebook retail market through its popular line of smartphones, tablets and “phablets,” a new device category between phone and tablet.”  

eBook Bundles

“ is the parent site of a new network of e-book retail storefronts focused on genres—including retail sites for sci-fi, romance and fantasy–that offers bundles of titles by a variety of authors at an economical price. Bundles start at $4.99 and typically include three to six titles from well-known authors …


“StoryBundle is a way for people who love to read to discover quality indie books written by indie authors. You know how it’s always hard to find something good to read? StoryBundle hopes to solve that. We take a handful of books—usually about five or so—and group them together to …

Popular E-Books and Distribution

  “The Japanese Agency of Cultural Affairs conducted an experiment in regards to e-books to analyse the patterns of distribution for better usage. […] The most downloaded digital book is “ERO ERO Soushi (Erotic Erotic Book)” by Sakai Kiyoshi (11,749 downloads).”