Inkling Habitat

“Habitat helps turn your concept into a final product. Plan your Inkling title, then convert your assets into HTML5 and CSS for use in Habitat. Once your content is inside Habitat, enhance, proofread and publish your title to multiple platforms with a click!”

Samsung’s Big Move Into Ebooks

“Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble and all the others have a new competitor to worry about: Samsung. The company is set to make a strong push into the ebook retail market through its popular line of smartphones, tablets and “phablets,” a new device category between phone and tablet.”  

eBook Bundles

“ is the parent site of a new network of e-book retail storefronts focused on genres—including retail sites for sci-fi, romance and fantasy–that offers bundles of titles by a variety of authors at an economical price. Bundles start at $4.99 and typically include three to six titles from well-known authors …

Popular E-Books and Distribution

  “The Japanese Agency of Cultural Affairs conducted an experiment in regards to e-books to analyse the patterns of distribution for better usage. […] The most downloaded digital book is “ERO ERO Soushi (Erotic Erotic Book)” by Sakai Kiyoshi (11,749 downloads).”