BEA 2013: IDPF 2013: Authors, Readers, Data, the Future



“While there was much anticipation over Goodreads founder Otis Chandler’s post-Amazon-acquisition update at this year’s IDPF 2013 Digital Book Conference at BEA, it was Writer’s Digestpublisher Phil Sexton who might have stolen the day, with the results of a survey of author reactions to self-publishing vs. traditional publishing. The Writer’s Digest survey found “hybrid authors”—writers who have published both ways—repeatedly embracing self-publishing over traditional houses, most often citing better pay and greater creative control when self-publishing.

In many ways, both Sexton’s and Chandler’s presentations—and to some extent the earlier onstage conversation between HarperCollins’s chief digital officer, Chantal Restivo-Alessi, and paidContent’s Laura Hazard Owen—were focused on the relationship between authors, readers, and data.”